Pilot exemption certificate

All South African Skippers wishing to use the harbour must have a Pilots Exemption Certificate. This is a Port Authority requirement. Application must be made to the Offshore Committee for recommendation to the Port Authorities for a Pilots Exemption Certificate. Having passed the required examination as set by the Offshore Committee, you will be passed on to the Harbour Authorities who will ask several questions, upon which successful conclusion; a Pilots Exemption Certificate will be issued. A certain amount of experience is required before you will even be considered eligible to sit the examination.
The Application to the Offshore Committee and Study material is available at the Club office after payment of the required fee. The Pilots Exemption Certificate has to be renewed every January. Renewal is valid for one calendar year and is subject to a minimum of 5 crossings of the bar (not the Pelican Bar) in and outwards during the previous year. A completed Application to renew together with your Certificate must be handed into the Office for processing.

Port control registration

The Harbour Authorities require all South African registered vessels to be registered in their home port. To obtain a Port Registration Disc, complete the Portnet form and submit to the Club office together with a copy of your current SAS or SAMSA Safety certificate and the required fee.

    As per Port Authority.

Pre-Launch inspection

The pre-launch inspection is a Zululand Yacht Club requirement. Its purpose is to ensure that all boats launched and moored at ZLYC comply with the minimum safety requirements. The pre-launch inspection completion does not allow you to leave your mooring to sail around the harbour, only to launch and moor at your walk-on.

 All new boats arriving at the yacht club over land or that have been out of the water on the hard for more than 6 months must complete this inspection. 
The following items are often not complied with and require time to comply so are best done well in advance of the actual pre launch inspection.
The vessel must be listed with South Africa Sailing (SAS) or any of the other approved Authorised Agency and must have a registration number (typically SA 1234). The process of listing is quite simple and can be done by contacting the SAS office in Durban and completing the necessary documents. SAS normally issue the SA number on receipt of the documents and the payment of the fee. It is not known how this process works with other Authorised Agents. The vessel must have a valid Ship station License and a call sign issued by ICASA.
The details of this inspection can be obtained at the office after paying the required fee.

ZYC Fees

Procedures for clearing in and out

The following procedures apply to all vessels entering or leaving Richards Bay Harbour from Zululand Yacht Club.
Clearing in procedure
Vessels arriving from Foreign Ports must proceed to Tuzi Gazi to clear Customs, Immigration and Health before proceeding to Zululand Yacht Club.
Clearing out procedure
When clearing out please remember to take Passport(s) and Vessel Documents with.
Steps 3 & 4 are only necessary if you wish to leave the country.
1. Zululand Yacht Club

    Flight Plan to be obtained at office

2. Harbour Revenue - (Port Control)

    New form obtainable from ZLYC office to be completed by visitor and faxed by ZLYC to the permit office.
    Permit or stamp can then be collected at the permit port cabin office situated between the Bayveu Gate and the West Gate (Just before the Seafarers Club).

3. Immigrant Offices

    Boardwalk  Area, Next to First National Bank – Penny Lane – 2nd floor
    Flight  Plan to be stamped
    Please note:  Keep copy of all 3 pages of Flight Plan including crew list

4. Customs Offices

    2 Dollar Drive – Richards Bay
    2 Additional forms to be completed, clerk stamps all sheets incl. Flight Plan
    Please note:  Keep copy of all 3 pages of Flight Plan including crew list

5. Zululand Yacht Club / Port Control

    Flight Plan gets faxed through to Port Control by ZLYC offices.

South african Sailing (SAS) listing and inspection

SAS Listing
All Vessels must, as a minimum, be listed with South Africa Sailing (SAS) or any of the other SAMSA approved Authorised Agency. The necessary documents that have to be submitted for a SAS listing are available from SAS Office in Durban (phone: 031 301 3078), and must be submitted to them together with the required fee. These are not available from ZYC Office.
SAS Inspection
The inspection requirements are contained in a document that is obtainable from ZYC Office after payment of the required fee. The inspection will be done by one of three ZYC safety officers. When the inspection has been completed you will be given a "Notice of Completion of Survey". A copy is sent to SAS and they will issue a "Certificate of Fitness" which will allow you to sail to the extent that the category of inspection allows you. (Category A, B, C etc). In practice the "Notice of Completion of Survey" is sufficient to get you sailing until the "Certificate of Fitness" arrives. The "Certificate of Fitness" is valid for one year. The SAS listing and the "Certificate of Fitness" only allows you to sail within the South African borders. If you are planning a trip to foreign shores you must be registered on the Merchant Shipping Register.
South African Marine Safety Authority (SAMSA)
Registration on the Merchant Shipping Register
If you are planning to go to foreign shores, your vessel must be registered on the Merchant Shipping Register.   The process has been simplified and the registration paperwork can be handled by SAS.

    The vessel must have an "Approved Number". This number is the SA 1234 number and is best obtained by following the process outlined above under SAS Listing.
    The vessel must undergo a hull inspection which requires the removal of the prop shaft and propeller. Seacocks and through hull fittings, rudder and its fittings are also inspected at this time. This inspection must be done on the hard so it is very important that you contact the local SAMSA appointed small vessel surveyor Ernst Boller (phone 083 303 1536) early so that a repeat haul can be prevented.
    The vessel also requires a safety inspection which is the same as the SAS inspection as above. The fee payable at the ZYC office covers both the hull and safety inspections.

When both inspections have been completed, you will be given 3 documents:

    Notification of Completion of Hull Survey (SAMSA)
    Notification of Completion of Safety Survey (SAMSA)
    Notification of Completion of Safety Survey (SAS)

    The documents mentioned in 1) and 2) must be submitted together with the required fee and any other documentation to SAS. Please inquire at the SAS office in Durban regarding all the requirements and documentation. They will then initiate the registration process. The ZYC office is not able to help with the registration process.
    Hull surveys are valid for 2 years, but the safety inspection must be done annually.