Camping facilities

All 25 camp sites are serviced with electricity and water, and are within view of the Club house, swimming pool and beach. A separate camp site ablution block with hot and cold water is available nearby.
Please note: Camping facilities are for members only.

Walk-on house rules

The purpose of these "house rules" is to provide all walk on mooring, or trot on mooring lessees, whether they are owners or renters, with the most congenial surroundings, and to have the pleasure of enjoying their chosen sport to the maximum.

Download - Walk On House Rules
Download - Walk On Lease Agreement

Club Constitution and Rules

Download your copy of the complete Club Constitution and Rule Book. Ship station License and a call sign issued by ICASA.

Download - Club Constitution and Rules

Live aboard policy

Download - Live Aboard Policy

Richards Bay Harbour Restricted Areas

The Richards Bay Port authorities have demarcated various areas around the harbour in which the type of vessel , the movement of vessels and the allowed activity is detailed. Please take care to comply with these requirements as the areas listed include  Restricted water ,  Beaching of craft, Water skiing , Recognised launch sites ,Small craft transit, Jetskis and Tubing

Download - Harbour Restricted Areas

Fishing Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the fishing section ! The ZYC takes pride in the environment and area we live in where some of the best fishing in the world takes place. We encourage everyone that enjoys this sport and pastime to be familiar with, and apply , the rules which will ensure that our children will be able to enjoy the same privillage and pleasure of nature as we do !


Responsible fishing 


 Ski boat



CommonMeasurements large    crab